Welcome to the Shadow Cheats Community Guidelines.

Upon accessing our website, you are obligated to comply with our Community Guidelines. Failure to comply with our Community Guidelines may result in banishment from our Website, Services and Projects and(or) other complications on Shadow Cheats.

We may update these guidelines at any time without further notice. You should check this guidelines at least once a week to ensure no changes were made.

Section One: General

Spam - Spamming is prohibited on our website in whole, whether it's on a program slot, forums or anywhere on any website affiliated with Shadow Cheats.

Deragatory Terms & Hate Speech - Deragatory Terms & Hate Speech are prohibited. Shadow Cheats prefers to keep a friendly and clean environment for all users.

Pornography, Gore, Etc - Use of pornographic, gore or et cetera content is prohibited. Any content deemed as inappropriate will be removed at the will of our staff or systems.

Fraud, Carding & Identity Theft - Sharing any private information, including your own is prohibited and will result in permanent account deletion along with data regarding legal complications being shared with any legal entity at their request.

Section Two: Slots & Usage

Prohibited Websites - We don't allow any affiliation of your projects used on easyexploits.com or kiwiexploits.com as stated in our Terms of Service under Section Two: Website, Service and Projects: Placement & Usage. Whether you are slotted on our website or using our Application Programming Interface (API), you are required to comply with this guideline. This means you can not pair our project(s) in your project(s) using any resource from Easy Exploits or Kiwi Exploits or have any linkage to either of these websites in your project(s).

Excessive Capitals - Use of excessive capitals is prohibited as it drives professionalism away from Shadow Cheats. Everything must be in standard setence formatting. E.g., "Cheat is one of the best free cheats you can download. Download it today for absolutely free!"

Malware, Adware or Trollware - Malware, adware or trollware are prohibited on Shadow Cheats. Any project containing these will be removed permanently from the website without the choice of appeal.

Advertisement Links - Using any advertisement leaks such as Linkvertise, Adfly or any other links resulting in personal gain are prohibited. Your links must be direct without the use of any other platform with the exeception of file hosting without the benefit of income.

Last updated on January 24, 2021.